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Der Ritter by Terriblefate64 Der Ritter :iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 1 0
The Lost Files - Chapter 10
I didn't sleep as well as I'd hoped so, when I woke up, I just went back to sleep. However, as no one wanted to watch the file by themselves, the others didn't let me sleep in. So we sat around the computer, in the dark to help us focus, trying to mentally prepare ourselves to watch the file.
It doesn't start out scary, it's just a continuous loop of Mickey sadly walking down a street with random piano keys playing in the background. The random keys started to give me a headache, and Jeff seemed to have one too, so we took a small break to get some breakfast (Slenderman didn't want to waste time, so we had forgotten to eat).
A little while later, Slenderman found us. He wasn't happy about us leaving before we finished, so we took our breakfast to the computer room and ate it there. I asked Slenderman why this was so important, but he didn't tell me anything useful and soon left. "Why is this SO important to the Operator (I call Slenderman that when I'm annoyed with him or I'm trying to
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 1 0
The Lost Files- Chapter 9
We spent some time analyzing Barbie.avi. Not much turned up, but we still tried. Tried, that is, until Ben found another place that might hold a file. It was somewhere in the middle of the woods, not on any maps, and it seemed that it had to be on a flash-drive, CD, floppy disk, or tape (of it's that old) and ether buried or in a small, hidden place. We told Slenderman, and he agreed to let us look around.
It was hot where we were dropped off. I had Ben's flash drive, the flashlight, the camera, a few blank pages, and the phone; Jeff had his knife, and that's it. We walked toward an opening in the trees where we appeared, and what we saw was not at ALL what we expected. Tremendous, monolithic, wooden gates whose supports to either side looked like they must've been carved from giant sequoias. the gate itself had been gouged in several places by birds and burrowing insects.
Hanging on the gate was a sheet of metal, some random scrap, with hand painted, red letters saying "ABANDONED BY D
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 0 1
Smile is lost! Please Spread the word! by Terriblefate64 Smile is lost! Please Spread the word! :iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 5 10
The Lost Files- Chapter 8
We spent a few more days exploring the house. We learned how to navigate the house without getting lost, and where all the doors and windows lead. We had places to stay and I was setting up traps around mine out of habit. Jeff kept falling into them so I couldn't trap the hallway. I was setting more traps, when Slenderman entered my room and told me that Jeff, Ben, and I were needed in the main room. I asked why and the only answer I got was, "I'll tell all of you when you get there". So, typical Slendy response.
I was the last to arrive at the meeting, but not by much. Once we were all seated on random pieces of furniture, Slenderman told told us that we needed to retrieve a computer file. Not just any computer file, but a computer file with strange powers outside the digital realm.
Ben would be able to get the file out of the computer, but we needed to find it first. Slender knew the general location of the file, but needed us to explore further. He never explained why, and we didn't
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 1 4
The Lost Files- Chapter 7
A few days later, after Jeff's leg healed, we were completely bored out of our minds. Ben came up with the idea to explore the place. He and Kaleena had looked around already but didn't get far because it was late and Kaleena wanted to sleep. Everyone agreed, and we were ready to go in a few minutes.
The first thing we wanted to do, was see where all the doors went. One door went to a town and one went to the forest that we came through that night. Something I observed was that, as we walked farther, the architecture seemed to change. It seemed as if HQ was not one house but many houses thrown together. Once I realized that, I started wondering where the rooms actually were in reality. The houses must exist somewhere, right.
We eventually came to a place that looked completely abandoned. It looked almost like an old concrete bunker. We exited the door, and found that we were in the forest near a town. The town didn't look like the one that could be access via the door in the base. "C'm
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 0 1
One Crazy Night
Okay, does anyone know how to clean up candle wax, salt, and/or blood really fast? We did something stupid, and now we are in the midst of paranormal anarchy. Me and my friend Jeff are being chased by a living doll, a shadow man, and I swear something just came out of the mirror. Ben is trapped in the TV set and If we don't get all this stuff cleaned up, our boss is gonna kill us.
Maybe I should start at the beginning. Smile (Jeff's dog) had run off, and Slender- I mean our boss went out to find him. He told us to stay put so Jeff and I watched youtube because Ben was downstairs hogging the video game console. Jeff and I were listening to some Creepypasta stories on youtube, and we found some weird rituals. Jeff had the bright idea to try a bunch at once, and I stupidly agreed.
We went downstairs, dragged Ben away from his Majora's Mask, told him the plan, and started setting up rituals. We started by setting up three chairs facing eachother in the darkest room in the house. Then we pu
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 0 8
Stop SOPA by Terriblefate64 Stop SOPA :iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 0 0
The Dice (Creepypasta)
I had just moved into a new neighborhood to be closer to my new high school. I knew I would miss my old friends, but my parents told me that I could visit them sometimes. For now, however, I was stuck with nothing to do until school started except play with my retarded sister.
She was always talking about "Creepypastas" and it annoyed me to no end.She didn't want to talk to me, preferring to spend time in her room talking to her imaginary friends, so I mostly watched TV or played games on the computer. That's right, my sister has imaginary friends at age 17. Anyway, my sister was lost in her imaginary world, my parents were using the shared computer to log financial changes in the database, and there was nothing on TV. I asked my sister if I could use her computer, but she just threw her pillow at me and screamed at me to get out.
So with nothing to do, and no friends made yet, I was sitting on my driveway and staring into the distance. There were three kids skateboarding nearby, and a
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 0 3
The Lost Files- Chapter 6
We ran to Slenderman, who was limping back to the car with Ben and Kaleena (and Tails Doll) and waving to us. Jeff called for Smile, who was checking to see if Jane was really dead, and used the pipe to support his broken leg. As we left, I swear I heard Jane scream "I'll get you next time, you monster!", but I thought I imagined it.
We entered the car and I asked if he wanted someone else to drive, but he said no. While we ware driving, I asked Slenderman how he found us, and he told me that he could track my phone. Other then that, we didn't say much for the rest of the drive. All I could say was, "Thanks".
We drove for hours, as Jane's plan had dragged us way off track. When we reached our destination, I thought that we were just stopping to stretch our legs. Where we stopped was a seemingly normal patch of forest. Nothing unusual was readily apparent. It seemed as if we had just stopped in the middle of nowhere for no reason other then, perhaps, to stretch our legs after the long d
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 0 0
The Lost Files- Chapter 5
Jane flew across the warehouse and hit the wall. Slenderman tried to get Jeff out of the handcuffs, but was hit with Jeff's knife from behind. The tall man looked behind him to see that Jane was up. She had a machete in one hand and in the other she held one of the saw blades littering the ground. She threw the blade at Slenderman like a ninja star but he dodged out of the way and it almost hit Jeff, missing his neck by only a few inches.
Slenderman attacked with his tendrils once more, but Jane was ready this time and dodged out of the way. She ran toward Jeff again and attacked with her machete, slicing his face but unable to do more before she was seized by a tentacle and thrown against a metal table. The tall figure appeared next to Jane and threw her again, impaling her on a spike. Slenderman went back to trying to free everyone from their restraints.
Suddenly, flames appeared all around the warehouse. Jane had gotten off the spike and was trying to burn us alive. "You should know
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 0 0
The Lost Files- Chapter 4
"Are we there yet" Ben complained. "For the last time, NO! Shut up" Shouted Jeff from the back seat. "I wouldn't be so bored if SOMEONE hadn't made me leave my video games" Said Ben, pointing at me. "Oh, will you shut up?" I complained, "We can't go back to get them now so stop complaining!" At about that point, Slenderman decided to end it by putting tendrils down our throats and shouting "All of you shut up or I will tie you to the fucking roof!" That ended the argument for the moment.
We had been driving for hours and Ben kept complaining the entire time. I regretted leaving the video games behind. All my phone could do was talk and text (hell, that's all it does now) so it was no help. The only oddity about my phone is the fact that the 0 key was crossed out like (X) and is modified to make it the speed dial for Slenderman so that I can keep contact. It was a regular flip-phone, and VERY cheap, but it did the job
I didn't need to do anything, however, as Jeff stabbed around the sea
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 0 0
The Lost Files- Chapter 3
"So, who was phone?" Ben asked, causing Jeff to facepalm. "That was Slenderman. We have to get out of here, and fast" I stated. "How? If you haven't noticed, I can't walk right now" exclaimed Jeff, gesturing to his broken leg. I thought for a moment then ran outside, leaving the others confused. I found two sturdy branches of roughly the same length, cleaned them quickly, and brought them back to the cabin.
"Here Jeff, use these" I said, handing him the branches. Jeff looked at the branches, then used them to get to the door. Ben went to grab the video game system (cabin has a generator) and a few games. "Ben, leave them. We don't have time" I told him. "Aw, come on. I'm not taking all of them." Ben complained "just the system and Majora's Mask". "Alright, fine. But HURRY!" I interrupted him. In a few minutes, we were ready to go. We had our weapons out to defend ourselves as we started through the forest.
Now, I won't say that our journey continued without incident. Jeff's makeshift c
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 0 8
What Lurks Beneath the Chat - Chapter 1
BEN entered the chatroom, as he did every day. His name didn't show up, because he wasn't in there as a user; He was there to disconnect people. Just a little prank, making people disconnect, then reconnecting them almost as quickly. Sometimes this didn't work, and he ended up causing someone a lot of trouble, but he never tries to be mean. Technical difficulties always happen, and BEN likes to cause little glitches. He liked this chatroom because it was a Creepypasta chatroom, so almost everyone (except newbies who don't know the story) knew him. The people in the chat KNOW that BEN isn't mean, just mischievous. Sometimes they yell, but they knew it was just a game and played along. BEN thought he would find his "friends" in the chat, and mess with them. Little did he know, just what was about to unfold.
When BEN connected, the chatroom was near empty. There were only two people there. The first was a newcomer named Funnymouth (Something about that name seemed familiar somehow), and t
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 0 8
The Lost Files- Chapter 2
I woke up, to the sound of Jeff shouting. I ran down the stairs, careful not to fall, and saw that Jeff had tried to get up but failed badly at it. Ben was laughing his head off, and I had to clamp my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. I don't know why, but I guess I though it was funny that Jeff the Killer, who can go into any fight without thinking and win unless he was against an Eldridge abomination or Jane and come out without a scratch, had a broken leg from falling down the stairs.
Jeff glared at Ben and he kept laughing until Jeff hit him with the flashlight that I used the night before, which got me laughing harder. Both of them looked at me, looking surprised at my sudden appearance. "So Jeff, what happened last night?" I asked. Jeff though a bit before saying "it's a long story..." "We have time, and you have a broken leg" Ben stated, "who cares if it's a long story?" Jeff agreed, and told us what happened.
"Well, I was hiding out in the nearby town. You can probably
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 0 9
The Lost Files- Chapter 1
Hell0. My name is Jessica. My last name is unimp0rtant. (X)kay, sh0rt intr0ducti0n. Things t0 kn0w ab0ut me: I'm a pr0xy, and that's b0th a blessing and a curse. Alias: Quick Silver. Y0u'll see where that c0mes fr0m later. My assigned partner f0r missi0ns is Jeff the Killer. He drives me nuts m0st (read all) 0f the time. I have a little sister wh0 can be a real pain in the ass when she feels like it. I 0utright refuse to wear anything skimpier then a T-shirt. That's all y0u need t0 kn0w ab0ut me.
(X)n with the st0ry.
It was late at night, Smile had run off, and Kaleena (my four year old sister) had run off after him. Slendy told us to stay put, but Jeff left after a short incident involving some rituals we got off youtube, and had been gone for a few days afterward. Due to my partner and sister being MIA for a while, I was notably worried. Which, for me, means lack of sleep.
I was laying in my bad, trying to sleep but not having much success, when I heard a sound downstairs. It sounded
:iconterriblefate64:Terriblefate64 2 3


Periodic Table of Storytelling by DawnPaladin Periodic Table of Storytelling :icondawnpaladin:DawnPaladin 7,829 764
On the Proxy Stabbings and blaming creepypasta
Tragedies brought on by shitty parenting? Oh noes! What to do?
1970s: Let’s blame rock n’ roll and Dungeons and Dragons!
1980s: Let’s blame horror movies!
1990’s-early 2000’s: let’s blame violent video games!
2014: let’s blame Creepypasta!
I this posted in response to the “Proxy stabbings” to remind people that blaming some convenient “bad” thing in order to absolve personal or parental responsibility, or otherwise discourage investigating the actual motivation for a crime is nothing new.
Stop blaming violent video games, rock music, creepypasta, and scary movies for not raising your kid correctly. People really need to know the difference between reality and fantasy. Don’t assume they intrinsically know this; they need to be taught it. THE INTERNET/TV WILL NOT RAISE YOUR KIDS. YOU DO.
My heart goes out to the victims, and I hope they make a full recovery.
also, as alpineparkway noted in a
:iconfurbearingbrick:furbearingbrick 26 35
The Story of a Proxy... by LightningSorceress The Story of a Proxy... :iconlightningsorceress:LightningSorceress 7 3 Pastatown 8 by Dethkira Pastatown 8 :icondethkira:Dethkira 665 853 Responsibilities - colour by FridaPearlie Responsibilities - colour :iconfridapearlie:FridaPearlie 13 28 Fuck you bye by AddMedia Fuck you bye :iconaddmedia:AddMedia 1,004 452 Little Animaition by Lutrasauro Little Animaition :iconlutrasauro:Lutrasauro 108 17 Jeff's plan by Lutrasauro Jeff's plan :iconlutrasauro:Lutrasauro 302 159 Fangirls Traumatize Jeff lol by La-Mishi-Mish Fangirls Traumatize Jeff lol :iconla-mishi-mish:La-Mishi-Mish 2,902 1,467 telemarketers by Samara-Sadako telemarketers :iconsamara-sadako:Samara-Sadako 24 13 the ring fan-fic cover by Samara-Sadako the ring fan-fic cover :iconsamara-sadako:Samara-Sadako 4 4 They're The Equilavent Of A Silent Hill Monster by GingaAkam They're The Equilavent Of A Silent Hill Monster :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 499 71 TRG: Epic Chance Time by PuppyLuver TRG: Epic Chance Time :iconpuppyluver:PuppyLuver 397 210
Not long now until the witching hour.

Upon that day we shall gain our power.

Spells and curses shall be sung.

As the broken phone had rung.

In the masses we shall hide.

With the children is our pride.

Innocence feeds our corrupted bones.

And death shall come with heated stones.

Heed my warning in this song.

Know that it comes so strong.

All hallows-eve is the perfect date.

For the young to meet their fate.

For when monsters escape your head.

Is when people turn up dead.

The monsters you thought were fake.

Will leave bloody corpses in their wake.

For when on All hallows eve when there is no sun.

That's when you better run.

Don't try to hide from us that night.

For we shall
:iconcodashorizon:CodasHorizon 8 5
Dat fandom by Sadistic-Lus Dat fandom :iconsadistic-lus:Sadistic-Lus 208 111


Okay, you know how Jessica posted a while ago about that surveillance mission that Jeff fucked up? Well she just showed up at my house. She said that she posted the thing YESTERDAY. Memory loss? Time travel? This has "Slenderman" written all over it, but why would he do this to his own proxies? What did they see? Seriously, this seems like something out of Tribe Twelve. She was carrying a camera with her. We haven't looked at it yet, but we will once I finish this blog post. Jessica's right arm is broken, which is why she's not typing this herself. Jeff is nowhere to be found. Because Jessica is injured, I think I may be drafted into searching. I'll update you on this later. I'll help when I'm not at school, but this is going to make homework more difficult. Part-time proxying for the lose!

Speaking of school and homework: New classes. Forensics has a lot of homework. I don't like homework, but the class is fun. I think the teacher did it for the record. I was finishing said homework when Jessica showed up alone with a broken arm and camera. Also, haven't had much time for Slendertrolling at lunch since I haven't been going outside for lunch for a while. I'll let you guess the reasons why. First one who guesses correctly in the comments gets a free cookie.

Also, do you think I should contact the others? The other Creepypastas, I mean. Like Jack. He's a good medic. Which reminds me: I'm close to cracking the code. Damn my impulse to encrypt everything. Maybe Jessica could help. As of now, I'll continue the project. I hope Jessica doesn't edit any more deviations. If she does, I KNOW WHERE SHE LIVES! Once I get past the labyrinth, Eldridge base isn't too difficult to get into. Slenderstalked, take note!

Anyway, I have to go. She wants me to help, and she apparently wants to stay off her boss's radar.


{Also, Jessica can't see anything written in {}. Slendy's not the only one who can hide posts ;-). Use this in the comments}


United States
I'm Fate. You won't see me use my real name here. I'm a little weird, and my friend Jess works for a faceless man in a business suit. She will post on my journal, and I write stories about her. They are based on the stories she tells me. {If you don't want her to see a comment, talk in these.} Jessica will be posting an into here soon.

Stamps I support: Dat fandom by Sadistic-Lus


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